Prototype validation

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Prototype Validation

We provide this service to customers who have several alternatives at the time of manufacturing a new product and choose not to pilot all of them. Our service replaces a multitude of workshop tests with highly reliable CFD simulations. Our customers supply us with the geometric characteristics of the design and we take care of reproducing the performance —and any variable of interest— of the prototype based on the defined operating conditions.


Validation of Valve Prototypes



This projects consists in the validation of a ball valve prototype for water line installation, based on a series of specifications. 


Design and Simulations

Our customers provide the design and the CFD simulations performed by DPO FLUID evaluate the right performance of the valve.


Valve Prototype

It is intended that the open valve discharges a maximum flow rate of 2 m³/h and that the discharge of the nominal flow rate takes place at around 60-80% opening of the valve.

The CFD simulations allow to check the water flow through the valve at different degrees of openness and thus, obtain the flow-opening curve of the simulated prototype.

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