Project details

Homogenization of comburent inlet in process boiler



Project Description

Analysis of technical feasibility of using a process current to be used as fuel in the boiler. It was analyzed whether it is possible to introduce it by means of a pre-existing blower, the possible insertion pipes in the home and whether this would lead to a good mixture. As a result, the proposal of two different technical solutions to take advantage of the current in question was presented.

  • Fluid dynamics and thermal calculations 88% 88%
  • Retro-mix calculation 85% 85%
  • CFD simulations 92% 92%
  • CAD design 92% 92%
  • Analysis of results and improvement 95% 95%


Análisis de viabilidad técnica de aprovechamiento de una corriente de proceso para ser utilizada como combustible en la caldera.


Type of study




In collaboration with the US.

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