Why trust CFD simulations when optimizing your products

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Increasing revenue per product sold, reducing the size and weight of the equipment to be manufactured, speeding up the custom design process for a client with the consequent reduction of resources invested during manufacturing. All these are incredibly attractive competitive advantages, but also very difficult to achieve. Fortunately, CFD simulation techniques have evolved so much in recent years that, when used well, they can achieve these virtues.

So much so that specialized manufacturers such as IBR Zerstäubungstechnik GmbH and experts in CFD research such as the Computational Fluidodynamics Group of the National University of La Plata cite a wide variety of advantages of using CFD tools that, applied to the field of design optimization we explain below.

The use of the CFD allows visualizing the equipment to be optimized and the detail of each of its parts, both during the design phase and during the equipment operation phase. This is extremely useful, since it makes it possible to quickly identify the modifications made to each design, generate plans and detect the strengths and weaknesses of the new equipment in operation.

Using this optimization technique, many modifications to the original design can be made in a short amount of time. In addition, it is possible to study any variable of interest in the design, thus obtaining valuable and versatile information. Starting from the original design, each one of the pieces most susceptible to improvement can be modified to later combine them in other configurations that allow obtaining the optimal design, depending on the needs. These needs can be of a truly diverse nature, such as ensuring that the pressure at a specific point where the fluid passes through a part is minimal while restricting the temperature reached in another section or even test a prototype in the most demanding conditions to verify that it fulfils its required function.

When it comes to investing in R&D to optimize products, the cost of using CFD tools is another of its main strengths, as the main alternative is field testing, which is rarely cheap and fast. Although the use of CFDs should not be taken as a universal substitute for all of them, it does greatly reduce the number of tests to be carried out before launching a totally new product on the market, which not only allows to proceed in an agile way at a cost but it also offers great comfort and a considerable increase in safety in the test workshop, since the most hostile tests can be supplanted by CFD simulations in most cases.

In the last decade, 3D printing has seen a great advance, to the point where making it is extremely economical and profitable. The files generated during the CFD simulation process can be used to perform them in a quite simple way. This allows you to have a small-scale or even real physical prototype with which to examine the equipment in detail before building it.

At DPO FLUID we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the agility, security, comfort and profitability of all the virtues that CFD offers and we are currently working on 3D printing to offer you this service in the short term, so if you have If you have any questions, you can contact us and we will see how to help you to be more competitive today and always.

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