Design automation

“The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment.” Warren Bennis.


Design Automation

Our automation service will allow you to directly save engineering costs. Every time you make a custom design for a client you invest resources and time that can be reduced if you have an extensive database that leads you immediately to the right design for any specified requirement. We use CFD tools to create this database, so that you only have to enter the objective requirement to know the dimensions of the equipment to be built.

This service also includes the possibility of providing the client with a search algorithm and a graphic interface that will speed up this process.

Heat Exchanger

Automation of the sizing of a Heat Exchanger



As an example, the possibilities of this service for the dimensioning of a water-oil heat exchanger are shown. By establishing with the customer the geometrical restrictions of the equipment —shape of external housing imposed— and of operation —hot fluid oil and cold fluid water— it is possible to parameterize multiple variables of the exchanger: main dimensions, number of tubes and position, number of baffles and orientation, etc. Once all these variables have been taken into account, multiple simulations are carried out so that all possible cases that could be manufactured are considered.



By setting up an objective parameter, such as the space available and the temperature up to which the water is to be heated, those responsible for manufacturing will have a tool that allows to obtain all the dimensions and characteristics of the equipment. In this way, the client can quickly elaborate budgets, without needing customized designs.



The following example shows one of the possible settings for the aforementioned heat exchanger. Both the external casing and its dimensions are imposed. The goal is to determine the number of tubes required for the temperature to which the water is to be heated.



Three possibilities have been simulated: 18, 32, and 64 tubes. As can be seen in the results, increasing the number of tubes for the same oil flow and size of the exchanger heats the water by 5 degrees more. The cold water outlet temperature would be 47ºC in the case of the 18-tube exchanger and 57ºC in the case of the 64-tube exchanger.

18-pipe exchanger

32-pipe exchanger

64-pipe exchanger

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