“Do not give information to be stored, but to be used.” Anxo Pérez.


CFD Applications

In recent years, CFD tools have undergone a major development that has allowed accurate studies to be carried out on increasingly complex equipment. Any equipment that handles fluids can be simulated using these tools, which provides a wide versatility.


Continuous improvement

DPO FLUID’s priorities are continuous improvement and the desire to improve. We strive to expand our CFD competencies in order to offer consulting services in as many fields of application as possible. 


Greater specialization

At this moment, we have a greater degree of specialization in turbulent flow simulation, turbomachine simulation, acoustic simulation in both permanent and transient regimes, heat exchange simulations, and linear structural stress analysis.

Turbulent flow

Simulation of valves, pipe lines, grids, wind boxes, cyclones…


Simulation of reactive and dissipative silencers, acoustic coatings, acoustic grids…

Structural analysis

Mechanical or thermal stress calculations in materials with linear performance.

Turbo machines

Centrifugal pumps, turbines, fans, compressors…

Heat exchange

Heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators…


If you wish to carry out another type of study you can contact us and we will evaluate it without any obligation for you. 

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