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CFD Simulation of Industrial Equipment

We validate and optimize your designs through finite element analysis.


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Who We Are

CFD Technology and Industrial Equipment Performance

Our main aim at DPO FLUID is to validate and optimize industrial equipment that handles fluids. The use of CFD technology allows us to know the characteristics and performance of an equipment in a virtual way. That is a huge advantage when it comes to dealing with the manufacturing process.


Results and Confidence

At DPO FLUID we offer customized consulting services that will allow you to increase profits, decrease design or manufacturing costs and meet environmental, maintenance, or safety requirements in the fastest possible way.

Prototype validation

We use CFD technology to let you know how new designs work.

Product optimization

We modify the design of an already commercialized equipment to make it more efficient by using geometric parameterization.

Design automation

We create a database so that you automatically know the right design for certain operating conditions.


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